Two Brand New SLP Educators Join The HCEU Family!

HomeCEU is thrilled to welcome respected SLP educators Adina Soclof, MS, CCC-SLP, and Charity Shelton, MS, CCC-SLP, CBIST to the family! Adina and Charity are here in December to film two ASHA approved Seminar-on-Demand. Adina's course, "New Ways to Communicate with your Young Client", is a 3 contact hour where she instructs clinicians on increasing their understanding of children's negative feelings. "One of our responsibilities as clinicians is to ensure that the client will have a more positive view of self", Adina states. "Using praise effectively is one way to achieve that goal. Praise is probably the single most effective way to encourage, motivate and increase repeat positive behavior in children". The course will discuss tools to help accept, manage, and empathize with children's negative feelings in a therapy setting. The second new Seminar-on-Demand is a 4 contact hour offering from Charity Shelton, MS, CCC-SLP, CBIST. "Assessment of NeuroCognitive Disorders in Adolescents/Adults" will present a thorough review of both functional and standardized evaluation tools and techniques for all types and severity levels of cognitive impairment in adolescents and adults. "Cognitive dysfunction after acquired brain injury can cover a wide spectrum of deficits and levels of impairment. As a result, comprehensive and reliable evaluation of cognition can be challenging", explains Charity. "In order to provide optimal care, clinicians must have the analytical skills to determine the best evidence-based diagnostic tools for use with their clients with neurological injuries."

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HomeCEU's affordable and convenient webinars offer the rehabilitation professional a media-rich educational experience complete with the ability to watch, listen and engage with their presenter. Students may immediately access course certificates following the successful completion of a post-course exam. Please visit the HomeCEU course catalog to register for these and other quality continuing education courses.

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