The New Generation Of Massage Therapy Continuing Education

Massage may be a centuries-old practice with many traditional techniques still in use today, but it continues to advance and evolve to meet the needs of the today's world. So why should your continuing education be stuck in the past? The answer is that it definitely should not. The world today is filled with user-friendly technology that can make your life infinitely easier with continuing education courses that you can complete almost anywhere and on your own schedule.

Dusty Tomes and Stuffy Classrooms

It's a good bet that if you've been a massage therapist for any length of time, you've had to suffer through long days sitting under fluorescent lighting on a hard plastic chair in an effort to meet your continuing education requirements. Your material was limited to reams of paper and slides on a projector while the instructor talked and talked. Not always the most stimulating environment. The technology boom changed all of that. Rapid-fire development has helped to fuel an ever-evolving continuing education business that harnesses powerful tools to create and distribute engaging courses loaded with rich audio and video content.

Say Goodbye To Those Classroom Walls, Say Goodbye To Rigid Schedules

For therapists living and practicing in rural (or even urban) areas where there are few educational opportunities, online learning is a lifesaver. Regardless of location, fitting classes or seminars into an already busy work schedule can be challenging. Online education eliminates these roadblocks and offers a cost-effective alternative to attending onsite classes. Mobile learning is also growing in popularity. With courses you can view on a laptop, tablet or mobile phone, it's easier (and cheaper) than ever to fit continuing education into your lifestyle.

Something For Every Learning Style

Whether you prefer to read a textbook on your tablet or watch a presenter demonstrating the latest technique on your computer or laptop, there are courses to fit the bill. Text: Peer-reviewed, published text courses were the first to make the migration to online educational catalogs. Many CE providers offer the ability to download PDF files of the course materials directly to your computer, laptop or mobile device. Text courses are a good option for material that doesn't require hands-on learning, such as ethics, laws, or business skills courses. On-demand Video Courses: Video courses are great for kinesthetic learning because you have the option of viewing video demonstrations and applying a technique to a volunteer patient. And, as they are pre-recorded, they offer the ability to access the presentation whenever, wherever and as often as you like. Want to review something that the instructor demonstrated? It's easy as pie to access your course material and re-watch that particular section.

The Bottom Line: Online CEs Are Convenient, Flexible and Affordable

The convenience, flexibility, and affordability of online education have allowed us to design CE packages specifically for massage therapists. We know that you are hard-working professionals with schedules (and budgets) that don't always allow for the freedom to complete continuing education requirements very easily. Our 12, 24, 36, and 48-hour massage packages allow you to choose from a selection of text and video courses to create a curriculum that you can download and begin working on instantly and we worked hard to keep the prices of these packages low. We even created a special package for Florida massage therapists that include all of your mandatory courses. So stop dreading your upcoming CE deadline! With online massage therapy courses, you can study while you're at the beach or sitting in the backyard. And we won't snitch if you enjoy a cold beverage while you do it...try getting away with THAT in a classroom. Want more information? Check out the course catalog or even give us a call at 1.800.554.2387 and we'll be glad to help.
This article was written by Amy-Lynn Corey

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