Tennessee PT & PTA Continuing Competency Requirements

All Tennessee Physical Therapist and Physical Therapist Assistants need to complete continuing competency (continuing education) every 2 years, which is due based on their license renewal deadline. Read on to review some commonly asked questions about the Tennessee PT and PTA continuing education requirements. Continuing Education Requirements:
  • Tennessee PT/PTA Continuing Education Hours Required: 30 Hours
    • Minimum of 20 hours of Category 1
    • Maximum of 10 hours may be Category 2
    • Maximum of 10 hours of "online" courses (HomeCEU webinars are NOT subject to this limit)
    • Must complete 4 hours of Tennessee Ethics & Jurisprudence
  • Continuing Education Due:
    • Every 2 years

When is my Continuing Education due?

For Tennessee PTs and PTAs, the deadline to complete continuing education is every 2 years. You must obtain 30 hours of credits for the 24 months that precede your licensure renewal month.

How many CEUs am I required to complete?

Physical Therapists and Physical Therapy Assistants are required to complete 30 hours of continuing education. Tennessee PTs and PTAs are required to complete at least 20 of their 30-hour requirement via Category 1 activities.

Are there any mandatory courses?

Yes. Tennessee PTs and PTAs are required to complete 4 contact hours of Ethics & Jurisprudence course every 4 years.

What's the Difference between Category 1 Continuing Education and Category 2?

HomeCEU's on-demand courses such as our Seminars-on-Demand, multimedia courses, and text courses fall into the Category 1 category per subsection (e) of State Board's rules, which are defined as "Home study courses or courses offered through electronic media approved by recognized health-related organizations, or accredited physical therapy educational institutions, that include objectives and verification of satisfactory completion." Our Physical Therapy continuing education courses are approved by many state boards and all our courses include a post-course exam, and therefore meet the requirements set out by the Tennessee State Board. For PTs and PTAs, at least 20 of your 30-hour requirement must be fulfilled via Category 1 activities, while up to 10 hours may be fulfilled via Category 2.

What Happens if I Miss my CEU Deadline?

If you miss your CEU deadline, you will need to contact the Tennessee Physical Therapy Board.

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