Louisiana Physical Therapists & Assistants - CEU Requirements Demystified

Louisiana - home of Mardi Gras, alligators, and awesome Physical Therapists & Assistants, whose continuing education deadline is drawing near! Louisiana PTs & PTAs must complete 30 hours of board approved continuing education year before December 31st. Read on to find out the specifics, and learn about your home study limit.

Louisiana Physical Therapists & Assistants - Home Study Limitations

A maximum of 15 hours of continuing education may be completed online or via home study continuing education programs which have been approved by the board.

Mandatory Continuing Education Courses & Additional Requirements

Louisiana PTs and PTAs are required to complete 2 hours of jurisprudence and 2 hours of ethics or professionalism for each renewal cycle. Continuing education hours may not be rolled over from one year to the next, therefore hours are only counted for the cycle in which they are completed. For additional information or questions about specific requirements contact the Louisiana Physical Therapy Board: 104 Fairlane Drive Lafayette, LA 70507 Phone: 337.262.1043 lsbpte@laptboard.org

Approved Continuing Education Courses

HomeCEU has several video based continuing education courses for Louisiana PTs and PTAs to choose from. We also offer the required Ethics & Professional Responsibility course. You can find a list of our approved continuing education by visiting our course catalog, and searching by Louisiana, PT/PTA.
This article was written by Amy-Lynn Corey

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