Workplace Wellness Program

Workplace Wellness Program

Have you heard of a Workplace Wellness Program?

Does your work provide you with free yoga classes or discounted membership to a gym? It might be a part of your company’s wellness program. Or perhaps you are a rehab professional and are asked to start a program like this or are already responsible for running a program similar to this. In this article, we want to discuss some basics of a workplace wellness program. 

Benefits of a Workplace Wellness Program for your company:

There are many health benefits of this program, although the benefits of the program depend on the type of program that is in place. Mainly, is this program designed to help you with weight management, or create a healthier lifestyle, does it help manage or reduce blood pressure, etc. Additionally, when all employees are involved and can have some fun time together, they actually build a stronger team for the work environment. This is the best way to bring different people closer together and avoid conflicts at work. These programs are focused on stress management aids and the health and well-being of the employees. You can identify the specific needs of a company and its employees, just by careful observations. This will help you to implement a successful program as well as foster positive business outcomes from all parties. There are occasions where companies create a wellness program that is connected to their employees’ health benefits. For example, classes to reduce high blood pressure (or cholesterol). You can have different educational and performance classes concentrating on the exercise, food to avoid, food that can help lower the blood pressure, lifestyle changes, activity tracker challenge, etc. At the end of 6 or 8 months, employees will be asked for their medical records regarding high blood pressure and medications. Any positive change noted in blood pressure will change their health tier plan or benefits for their health insurance. Classes like this, not only implement positive health changes but also provide a meaningful reward that actually makes a difference in their life.

Marketing a Workplace Wellness Program:

Marketing and promoting the program becomes even more important if you are working as an independent PT. You can develop a comprehensive wellness program and market it to different organizations. Here is a course that might help you just do that. Marketing and Promotion Tactics for Corporate Wellness Programs Some examples of company wellness programs include weight management, stress reduction or stress management, healthy eating habits, works out classes (yoga, pilates, Zumba), or even massage for employees. This can be once or twice a week and there are several different ways to perform this. The crucial point is to promote these programs among the employees and boost morale. The more participants you have, the more fun and enjoyment everyone gets out of it. Some ideas to boost morale are to have a competition for healthy food for weight loss among employees. You can reward the first three winners etc. The Art of Planning and Implementing a Workplace Wellness Program After reading this full article, you might feel fully energized to start a wellness program of your own. The success of any program depends on the number of participants, the consistency of the participants, the topic, the use of the topic in the daily lives of the participants, and many more. So try to choose the topic of your program carefully. The one that can actually make a difference in business growth and outcomes. Also, have some meaningful rewards, and success is yours!

This article was written by Mehreen Rizvi

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