Urgently Needed: Qualified Healthcare Educators!

The demand for high quality continuing education content for rehabilitation professionals is skyrocketing, specifically nursing and pediatric speech-language content. And that means the demand for quality educators is skyrocketing, too. If you've ever toyed with the idea of putting your experience and knowledge to use as an educator, let us tell you why you should stop dilly-dallying and make the leap.

Breaking Down the Classroom Walls

With dramatic advances in Internet technology over the past 10 years, our world has shrunk and limitations are being removed. We can reach over corner of the globe in a matter of seconds. We can do it from our offices, our homes and even from our pockets. HomeCEUConnection.com harnesses this power to deliver top quality continuing education courses in a media-rich video format directly to your potential student regardless of where they live and work. With our existing user base numbers in the tens of thousands, and numerous new corporate clients, we get your content to more people, faster.

We Do The Heavy Lifting

Our content partners are our most valuable asset. To make sure that you can focus on doing what you do best, we do all the "boring stuff". We revel in arranging and executing every aspect of your time with us, including travel and hotel arrangements, meals, ground transportation, equipment procurement. We work hard to make sure that the time you spend in our on-site production studio is so easy and stress free.

Do What You Love

When you join the HomeCEUConnection.com team, you will reap all the rewards that being an educator can bring without making the sacrifices. Your drive for personal and professional growth and for sharing knowledge with the world is what you love doing. Let HomeCEUConnection.com get you back to learning and teaching. Contact our content partner liaison today, or fill out our online form.



This article was written by Amy-Lynn Corey

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