Celebrate BHSM 2014 With Six Brand New SLP Courses!

It's May and that means it's time to celebrate Better Hearing and Speech Month! And what better way to celebrate than with brand new Speech-Language Pathology continuing education courses from an ASHA approved provider? Oh, I know a better way! By offering up these six courses for a limited-time promo price! That's definitely a better way.

Take a look at what we've added and then enter the promo code BHSM2014 to save on any or all of these new premium SLP courses:

Behavioral and Daily Challenges with Children with Autism

This course explores the use of strategies and supports that a child can employ to ease transition, improve task initiation and completion, and better improve overall function. Numerous strategies that have significantly improved participation and overall behavior during ADLs of children with autism are discussed and assessment tools and observation techniques discussed.

Mining Gold from Complicated Adults Cases: Differential Treatment Techniques, Activities and Tools

This course presents three detailed, robust clinical studies of clients who presented with mixed symptoms related to stroke and head injury. Multidimensional, multifaceted clinical approaches and the use of formative assessment resulted in a creative and ongoing recovery program for each client.

Social Skill Modeling for Children with Special Needs

This course discusses the barriers a child with special needs may have when communicating and functioning in daily life and across social settings. Since every child is different, looking at the ways a child learns is important in choosing the correct strategies for that child.

Start Your Telepractice Now!

This course primarily focuses on how to start and grow a telepractice. It covers administrative concerns such as professional, regulatory, and technological information relative to telepractice. Since these issues are changeable and fluid, resources on how to stay up to date are provided.

The Aphasia Practice Coach Program

More than 1.2 residents of the United States and Canada continue to suffer the socially-isolating and independence-robbing effects of aphasia and its related disorders.This course prepares any person who wants to help a person with aphasia (PWA) communicate most effectively in everyday situations and to assist the PWA in maximizing his/her recovery.

When Your Young Client Is Defiant: Simple Strategies to manage Defiant/Challenging Behavior

Behavior triggers and strategies discussed in this course enable clinicians to effectively manage caseloads, while being a support source for clients’ professionals, teachers, educators, and parents/caregivers. Opportunities abound for clinicians to help teachers, parents and caregivers address challenging behavior because of the link between language disorders and “misbehavior” in young client. Whether you've got an imminent CE deadline looming or wanting to get a jump start, now is the time to take advantage of cutting edge courses at a great price.

This article was written by Amy-Lynn Corey

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