Understanding Your Florida PT Live CE Requirements

Traditionally, live continuing education has meant schlepping to a conference or classroom and wasting a lot of time and money. But since technology has made the Internet so incredibly accessible, more and more state boards are putting their "OK" stamp on online courses to qualify as live, including the Florida Board of Physical Therapy, your physical therapy governing body. Of your 24 hour live requirement, there is a 12 hour "home study" limit. But since the Florida Board considers our online courses, in which you can communicate with the instructor, as interactive, it means that our webinars are exempt from that 12 hour limit. The remaining 12 can be comprised of any text or non-live video course from our extensive catalog. So what does that mean for you? It means that you can complete the entirety of your 24 hour continuing education requirement without having to even leave the comfort of your own sofa. We've gone ahead and designed a set of interactive continuing education packages for Florida physical therapists, made up of qualifying home study AND live online webinars. It's as easy as click, pick, learn. And to sweeten the deal, we'll submit your completed credits to CE Broker for you. Because we're awesome that way. Ready? Go now!

Upcoming Schedule

Functional Strength Training for the Aging Spine - 4 Contact Hours Sept.8th, 3pm-7pmET By Shari Kalkstein, PTA, NSCA/CSCS, ACSM/HFI, ACE/CPT
Lumbar Spine: Injury Prevention - 3 Contact Hours Sept.15th, 3pm-6pmET By Chad Hensel, PT, DPT, MHS, CSCS
Movement Analysis Anatomy and Knseiology for the Rehab Professional- 4 Contact Hours Sept.19th, 5pm-9pmET By Chad Hensel, PT, DPT, MHS, CSCS
Achieving Optimum Therapeutic Exercise Outcomes - 4 Contact Hours Sept.22nd, 3pm-7pmET By Chad Hensel, PT, DPT, MHS, CSCS
Why Do patients Fall and What Do I Do? 4 Contact Hours Sept.26th, 5pm-9pmET By Suzanne Tinsley, PhD, PT, NCS
Treating Balance and Fall Prevention for the Geriatric Population - 4 Contact Hours Sept.29th, 3pm-7pmET By Geoff Mosley, PT, NCS
Don't see what you're looking for? No worries! We have even more great webinars coming for the rest of October and right up until the zero hour. But why wait until you're pulling your hair out on November 30th, wondering how you're going to get them done in time? Sign up now and save yourself!

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This article was written by Amy-Lynn Corey

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