Important Information About Your Florida Massage Therapy License

Florida massage therapists, your CE deadline is here! If you haven't completed all of your continuing education by August 31st you may face complications with your license renewal. All Florida massage therapists are required to complete 24 hours of continuing education to renew. Of those 24 hours, you'll need two (2) in Medical Errors Prevention, two (2) on Florida Laws and Rules, and two (2) on Professional Ethics. Here's the important part: Of your 24-hour requirement, you can complete twelve (12) of them online!

And since time is short and you're reading this, that probably means you don't have the luxury of attending an onsite class. That's where we come in. is going to set you up with instant access to some of the best and most affordable online CEs available anywhere. As soon as you choose your online courses, you're ready to go. Read or watch the material, pass the online exam and your CEs are complete. Can it get easier than that? Oh heck yes! You'll find your Medical Errors, Florida Laws and Rules, and Professional Ethics courses in our online catalog. It gets even better, believe it or not. Not only do we send you a course certificate instantly, but we also report to CE Broker on your behalf! What are you waiting for? Get a Massage Therapy CE Subscription with HomeCEU!

This article was written by Amy-Lynn Corey

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