The Biggest Style!

April 1st saw the launch of our 2nd annual office weight loss contest. While last year's contest saw most of us giving up a few weeks in, this year the stakes are higher and the staff far more committed to making this one a screaming success. Not only have we ponied up a small wad of cash (creating a pot of over $200), our awesomely amazing owners, Anne and Brandon, are awarding the winner a 6 month gym membership. They also brought in a mobile hydrostatic testing unit to provide us with a more accurate body fat percentage measurement. The unit will be back at the end of our 8 week contest to take our final measurements and crown the victor.

Brittney provided each of us with a computer printout containing our dry weight, body fat percentage, resting metabolic rate, what range on the healthy-unhealthy scale we were at and a customized list of exercises and how many calories performing them would burn for us. So we're on the road to health and happiness (and a fistful of cash and a gym membership)! Stay tuned for updates and the announcement of the winner/biggest loser!

This article was written by Amy-Lynn Corey

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