Texas Physical Therapists: Understanding the CEU to CCU Verbiage Change

Texas Physical Therapists: Understanding the CEU to CCU Verbiage Change

Just when you finally understand the meaning of Physical Therapy Continuing Education (CE), the Texas Board of Physical Therapy Examiners changes the definition. The term Continuing Education has now been replaced with Continuing Competence (CC). Honestly, this verbiage modification is a “You say To-MAY-to, I say To-MAW-to situation. Not much is different, so don't let the new wording overwhelm you. In fact, I'll bet you'll like the new system better.

Now, instead of needing 3 CEUs as a physical therapist or 2 CEUs as a physical therapist assistant, you will need 30 CCUs or 20 CCUs, respectively. Keep in mind that 10 Contact Hours, 1 CEU, and 10 CCUs are exactly the same. Basically, no more conversion takes place, CCUs are literally the number of contact hours required. Here's an example: A 10-hour course from HomeCEUConnection.com is equivalent to 10 CCUs. The Texas Board of Physical Therapy simply took out the multiplication step of the process. A positive change? Well, Yes! Anything that makes PT CE's easier is always a bonus in our book.

The term Continuing Education still exists but is now a subset of Continuing Competence Activities. Continuing Education includes traditional on-site programs, paper or web-based home-study programs , in-services and conferences,” (http://www.ecptote.state.tx.us). Other activities that fall underneath Continuing Competence Activities, but do not appropriately fit into the Continuing Education category, including “college courses, internships, research articles,” etc. (http://www.ecptote.state.tx.us). Essentially, this translates into a few more options to satisfy your Continuing Competency requirement for the State of Texas. Like I said, “To-MAY-to, To-MAW-to”.

So bottom line, what do you really need to know? First, know that you can keep on keeping on the way you have in the past. If you are awarded credit by a provider that uses the former terminology of CE, rather than CC, the board will accept the certificate, regardless. Secondly, know that as a Texas physical therapist or Texas physical therapist assistant, you are still able to complete your ENTIRE course requirement through HomeCEUConnection.com, including the mandatory Ethics course! Visit our course catalog to see a full listing of courses offered. If you have any questions regarding the continuing education / continuing competency terminology change, please refer to the Texas Board of Physical Examiners Newsletter: http://www.ecptote.state.tx.us/_private/PT_July_2010_newsltr.pdf. Or, give us a call at 1-800-554-2387 - we'd be more than happy to help you ketchup on the new lingo!

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