Southern Baptist University Supports Physical Therapists in Joplin, MO

As the death toll rises in Joplin, MO, we at HomeCEU would like to take a minute to ask you to join us in supporting Southern Baptist University, and their efforts to help the Physical Therapists' and their community during this difficult time.

SBU's Physical Therapy Department has begun sending teams to help with the recovery effort. They have also started a fund to help those in the Physical Therapy professions to recover from this disaster. To learn more about SBU's efforts please visit their facebook page.

According to Tulsa World, the death toll has reached 122, with an estimated 1,500 still missing. St. John's Hospital was devastated and Oxford Home Health's physical structure was destroyed. Freeman Hospital is still intact but many of their PTs have lost their homes, and are putting in long hours to help with the overflow from the greatly damaged St. John's Hospital. We want to encourage you to join us as we support the PT community - please donate to SBUs PT relief fund.

To donate to the Physical Therapists effected by the storms please send your check to:

Southwest Baptist University
Attn: PT Storm Disaster Relief
Physical Therapy Department
1600 University Ave.
Bolivar, MO 65613

This article was written by Amy-Lynn Corey

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