Meet Shana - HomeCEU Customer Service Team Member of the Week

At HomeCEU we pride ourselves in the fact that when you call, you'll get an answer, or we'll call you back the same day (in most cases). Our trained team members can answer your questions about your specific state requirements, or let you know whether or not you need an ethics course. They will even tell you about the stranger rules, such as, if you're a PT in Georgia, you can only complete up to 10 hours of your continuing education per day! We've dedicated this December to highlighting our customer service team, so first up, let's meet Shana, a somewhat newer member of our team of happy helpers! Shana joined HomeCEU over the summer.

Full name: Shana Christine Robinson What do you do when not working? When I'm not working, I like to run, paint and do crafty things, read lots and lots of books, and go to happy hours.

Favorite Book of All Time: My all time favorite book is The Amazing Adventure of Kavalier and Clay by Michael Chabon.

Would the Rainbow Brite girls or the Carebears win in an ultimate showdown? The Rainbow Brite girls for sure!
Favorite holiday tradition? I always love cutting out snowflakes. I used to do it ever year with my roommates in college. I also taught all my little Kindergarten students how to make them while I was in Korea and they just loved it. We covered the classroom with their snowflakes!
Tell us about Dog Soup: Dog soup isn't real common in Korea. It is mostly eaten by old men because they believe it gives them energy and stamina. But I wanted to try it while I had the chance. So I convinced my Korean coworker to take me to a place that served it, because there is no way they would serve it to an American without a Korean there. I expected us to wander to some sort of secret area where it wasn't listed on the menu; you just had to know about it. But when we got to the restaurant, it was a whole restaurant dedicated to different dog soups and it was located right next to the grocery store that I walked past hundreds of time! The soup itself was not too tasty and I felt guilty the whole time I was eating it. My friend kept saying that it tasted like goat meat, but since I haven't had goat yet, I can't confirm this.
Get to know Shana by giving us a call at 1.800.554.2387!
This article was written by Amy-Lynn Corey

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