Introducing: The Newly (very) Enlarged HomeCEUConnection Team!

We have a pretty awesome team here at HomeCEU, and we are super excited to welcome several newcomers to the party, here's what they had to say:

Full name: Shannon Warren

Reason to be excited about working at HomeCEU? The opportunity to implement cutting-edge technology to enhance usability

Pet Peeve: Different color hangers in the closet

A fun thing to do after work? Golf

Do u tweet? Nope

Coolest place you've been? Rome, Italy

What's your favorite drink? Original Dr. Pepper

Favorite Travel Experience (thus far): Italy

What do you do when not working? Read, Golf, or spend time with friends & family

Full name: Kyle Frank Morton

Reason to be excited about working at HomeCEU? The high energy and smiling faces here make it an exciting place to work.

Pet Peeve: Someone eating all my grapes.

A fun thing to do after work? I play flag or arena football

Do u tweet? Yes, Once a month. I only have 5 followers. They don't care about what I have to say. lol

Coolest place you've been? Hawaii

Weirdest thing you've done? I tried planking once in the swimming pool.

What do you do when not working? Read, study, and play football (Kyle is pursuing his Doctorate!)

Full name: Shana Christine Robinson

Reason to be excited about working at HomeCEU? The employees and the enthusiasm are the things that make me most excited about working at HomeCEU. Everyone in the office seems to be really passionate and enthusiastic about what they do. I feel like everyone has a voice here and everybody's tasks are essential to make the company run.

Pet Peeve: My pet peeves mostly revolve around cell phones. I get annoyed when people, especially people who live by their smartphones, don't call or text me back for days.

Weirdest thing you've done? When I lived in South Korea, I took a very "When in Rome" attitude. This had me eating some very interesting things, including dog soup.

Got babies? No babies and no plans anytime soon!

Favorite Travel Experience (thus far): In college, I studied abroad in South Africa. We spent about a week in the rural area and after that experience, my school treated us to a stay at a beachfront backpackers. There I saw the Indian Ocean for the first time, I learned how to spot the Southern Cross in the sky, and I took my first surfing lessons. I managed to ride a few (tiny) waves during my first lesson!

What do you do when not working? When I'm not working, I like to run, paint and do crafty things, read lots and lots of books, and go to happy hours.

This article was written by Amy-Lynn Corey

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