It's That Time of Year Again for Pennsylvania Speech-Language Pathologists

Pennsylvania Speech-Language Pathologists its time to renew! Yep, July 30th is your deadline to have all 20 hours of your continuing education requirements met so you can renew your license and carry on with your amazing work. That may sound like you don't have enough time, but with HomeCEU's awesome catalog at your disposal, you'll find it easy and hassle-free to finish up those hours.

How Can We Help?

We have a growing library of courses perfect for Pennsylvania Speech-Language Pathologists, with both text and video courses and even some great live, interactive webinars to help you fulfill your mandatory CEs. We're an ASHA approved provider with a very stringent triple verification policy so you can be comfortable in the knowledge that you are receiving the educational content that you need.

What Kinds of Courses Should You Take?

The great news is that Pennsylvania has no limitations on how many of your required hours can be "distance" or "home study" courses. That makes things for you a lot easier. We have a selection of brand new video courses called "Seminars-On-Demand". These courses give you all the benefits of a live class without the hassle. See and hear your instructor as they deliver and demonstrate content covering a wide range of Speech-Language Pathology topics like augmentative and alternative communication, dysphagia in public schools and making sure your documentation is audit proof. For therapists seeking an even more interactive learning experience, we have several brand new Webinars scheduled. Webinars offer everything a Seminar-On-Demand does and adds the ability to directly interact with your instructor during the session. You still have time to complete your requirements, but don't delay! Peruse our course catalog today and get started!

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This article was written by Amy-Lynn Corey

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