CEU360.com is up and running!

CEU360.com is up and running!

Ensure healthcare staff are performing at the top of their license and successfully delivering patient care to the highest standards - standards that are proven to improve patient outcomes! 

CEU360 by Colibri Healthcare is the trusted, widely regarded competency training and continuing education (CE) provider with a true-to-form customer-first approach. It’s this approach that drives the creation of a customized needs-based solution designed to keep  healthcare staff compliant, licensed, and continuously learning.  We've taken everything we've put into making HomeCEUConnection.com a success and created a streamlined and powerful team learning solution.

Affordable access options are designed to meet competency training requirements for compliance and CE requirements for professional licensure. CEU360 is cost-efficient because we only give customers what they want based on what they need.

The result is a consistent, personalized CEU360 University environment aligned with facility-specific curricular needs. The CEU360 solution is:  

  • Turn-key and does not require complicated training to begin using immediately.  
  • Easy to implement across organizations with single or multiple locations.  
  • Ideal for training, required education, and ongoing learning opportunities. 

The CEU360 culture is founded in the belief that organizational success begins with a dedicated partner relationship. We are committed to being with you every step of the way.  

Beginning day one, a Client Success Manager is assigned to deliver the hands-on service needed to ensure success. It’s the role of the Client Success Manager to:  

  • Bring the knowledge of the extensive course library to assist in the course curation process.  
  • Build and deliver a personalized CEU360 University portal.  
  • Be the go-to partner assisting in the administrative management and service of the CEU360 University portal.  

Plus, you’ll have access to our online Help Desk that’s available 7 days a week. 

CEU360 University is by far the most flexible and uncomplicated competency training learning environment available today. We focus on meeting organizations where they are and taking them where they need to be. We’ll:  

  • Address your specific challenges. 
  • Meet yourspecificneeds. 
  • Mitigate yourspecificrisks and subsequent financial impacts. 
  • Deliver a customized and personalizedCEU360 University solution. 

According to Shane Everett, HomeCEUConnection.com's Chief Operations Officer,

"This benefit reduces or even eliminates the need for additional continuing education stipends, and is substantially less than the typical individual spends on annual professional development."

Using CEU360 organizations can be confident and assured healthcare staff are getting what they need to successfully perform their role in delivering quality and safe patient care.  

If you or your organizational leadership and administrators are interested, contact CEU360 and we’ll help you select and build the CEU360 University solution specific to your organization!  

This article was written by Amy-Lynn Corey

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