Washington PTs and PTAs, Is Your Birthday Coming Up?

If it is, then HomeCEU would like to say "Happy Birthday Washington PTs and PTAs! Also, your Continuing education requirements might be due!" Hmm....that's not really such a great birthday greeting...How can we make it up to you? Oh! How about this: We'll set you up with 40 hours of awesome continuing education courses that you can do right at home without spending a fortune. How does that sound?

Sounds great! Show me how, oh wonderful HomeCEU blog!

So this is how it works: If you last renewed or acquired your license in 2010, you have to complete a minimum of 40 hours of CE courses before your birthday. Sounds like a lot but we can help you register for courses that will make that time fly by. We've even designed some specially priced bundle packs to help you save money. Pssst! If you enter the promo code "WA229" you can save even MORE money on select bundle packs...Don't tell my boss I let that slip. You can choose from text courses, media-rich Seminar-on-Demand courses or even live, interactive webinars. Don't wait another minute. Click HERE and let HomeCEU help you with your CE's so you can celebrate your birthday knowing you just bought yourself two years of freedom.

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This article was written by Amy-Lynn Corey

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