Summer Safety Tips from a Lifeguard

Summer Safety Tips

You're a healthcare professional... you don't need summer safety tips! You know how to keep yourself and your family safe in the summertime. But, what about your babysitter? Your neighbor? Or even, your in-laws? No worries, we've got your back! Print out our FREE Summer Safety Guide to share with your family and friends. Created by a lifeguard, this free guide provides summer safety tips for:

Heat Safety.

Heat illnesses (heat rash, cramps, exhaustion or stroke) are serious problems that affect people during the vigorous heat of the summer months. The average person may not know the signs of heat exhaustion or heat stroke. In our free guide, we discuss the warning signs as well as the proper response to these serious conditions. Use our tips to stay safe in the heat of summertime!

Water Safety.

Swimming is great exercise and a family favorite leisure activity. But, there is a risk of serious injury or death when water safety is not acknowledged. Having awareness of safety precautions and understanding the risks of swimming can help you keep yourself and your friends and family safe during the water season.

Sun Safety.

Using just one of the methods outlined in our free guide as protection from the damaging rays of the sun can significantly protect from short-term damages such as sunburns or long-term skin diseases. You can and should enjoy sweet sunshine while also protecting yourself from serious skin damage!

Firework Safety.

During the summer months, firework use significantly increases across the country. Increased popularity also brings a possibility of increased danger. Fireworks can be fun and exciting, but only when used in a responsible and safe way. Learn our safety tips for fireworks in our free guide. You never know... you just might prevent injury or even save a life by sharing these great tidbits. So, download the FREE Summer Safety Guide now. 

This article was written by Cayla Clark

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