REMINDER - Pennsylvania Physical Therapy Continuing Education Due This Year

HomeCEU Physical Therapy Continuing Education Due This Year
paptbanner Sure December 31st seems like it's forever away, but before you can say "Someone get the cat out of the tree", Christmas will have come and gone and you'll be left wondering how you're going to find and finish 30 hours of continuing education before the end of the year. So, before we get ourselves worked up, let's get a handle on your Pennsylvania Physical Therapy continuing education rules and how you can finish them before you've wrapped your first gift.

The rules:

  • PTs & PTAs need 30 hours of continuing education.
  • The 30 hours must include 2 hours of laws and ethics.
  • The 30 hours must include an approved child abuse recognition and reporting course*.
  • Direct Access PTs need 10 hours of evaluative procedures (included in the 30 hours).
  • PTAs need 4 hours of emergency response (included in the 30 hours).

The deadline:

December 31st, 2018

The easiest way to meet the deadline:

HomeCEU has a super easy and affordable way to your Pennsylvania physical therapy continuing education requirement. With our Physical Therapy Flex Package, you get to mix and match our top selling text and premium video-based courses. Flex packages include your Pennsylvania laws and ethics, emergency response and evaluative procedure courses for Pennsylvania PT direct access certification. Awesome! You have no excuse for delaying, pick up a Flex Package today and spend the upcoming holidays as stress-free as possible. grab-_flex_orange_black_font_cta
*Available for free through the Pennsylvania Physical Therapy Board.
This article was written by Amy-Lynn Corey

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