National Athletic Training Month

National Athletic Training Month

Happy National Athletic Training Month!

During Athletic Training Month, we want to send a BIG Thank You to all the Athletic Trainers, who are often the silent warriors, leading the way towards our injured son, daughter, friend, or favorite athlete. They humbly make their way onto the field or court, being the very first responders to an injured player. The Athletic Trainer doesn't become one for glory or recognition, as they rarely receive the honors they should. Rather, they make the decision to become one by sheer passion for helping athletes return to optimal performance and even possibly become stronger than before. Athletic training as a profession hasn't been around since the ancient Olympics or even the 1976 Olympics. In fact, they have only been recognized as a profession since the early 1990s! And in such a short period of time, they are the primary reason athletes are better protected from chronic ailments and as such are more likely to live a full and healthy life, far beyond their years in sports. What truly distinguishes Athletic Trainers is their crucial role throughout the entire lifecycle of the recovery process, from the onset of discovery through rehabilitation and onto providing the clearance needed to resume play. From local schools to professional sports, athletic trainers give us all a sense of assurance that even during inevitable injuries, full recovery is possible. Join me today in recognizing all athletic trainers for being the unsung heroes for the athletes and sports we love.

Are you an athletic trainer? In the comments below, tell us how you've been recognized by your peers or clients during National Athletic Training Month!

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