15 Major Issues in Healthcare Employment

Major Issues in Healthcare Employment

If you work with patients, chances are you have faced one or more of these major issues in healthcare employment.

Regardless of the industry, employees work best when they can practice at their peak performance. And, while every workplace has common challenges – interpersonal conflict, communication problems, office politics, technology gaps, poor management, etc. – working in healthcare has its own set of obstacles. Among the major issues in healthcare employment, working long shifts, suffering from lack of sleep, being short-staffed, and having insufficient time to spend with patients are some of the most common complaints. In fact, according to Forbes, more than 1,000 allied health professionals reported the same reoccurring issues unique to the healthcare industry that compromise their job satisfaction. Some of these issues include:

  1. No Advancement Opportunities
  2. Staff Shortages
  3. Lack of Mentoring
  4. Poor Organizational Culture
  5. Lack of Training or Professional Development
  6. Not Enough Time with Patients
  7. Burnout
  8. Changing Payment Trends (CMS, insurance, etc.)
  9. Low Salary
  10. Work Overload (Under-resourced)
  11. High Turnover Rate
  12. Lack of Technological Resources / Outdated Systems
  13. School Loan Debt
  14. Bad Work Hours
  15. Compliance with Government Requirements

So, what about you? Are you a healthcare worker? Have you faced major challenges at your current or prior place of employment? If so, we want your input! Leave a comment!

This article was written by Jami Cooley

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