How Emerging 3D Technolology Will Change the World of Rehab

The healthcare industry and the broader field of technology have complimented each other for many years, so it's no surprise that thanks to recent advancements in technology, here has been an emergence of 3D technology in the field of rehabilitation. Simple put, this is great news - with 3D rehab technology, the world will be a much better place for those of us on the mend. Like many other forms of scientific advancements, a number of options are available for those looking to use 3D rehab technology. The most innovative and beneficial forms of 3D rehab technology are treadmills, simulators and also a few that utilize the video game console known as the Nintendo Wii. Here's what you should know about each!


The first rehab technology source that one can use is the anti-gravity treadmill. This is simply a kind of treadmill that uses air pressure to help record a more precise measurement of body weight. As a result ,the person in rehab will have the ability to measure anywhere between 20 to 100% of body weight used to walk and run. People who are recovering from spinal cord injuries, surgery or athletic strain will benefit most from this particular technology.


You should also know about the body-weight supported treadmills. These allow people to use proper posture while having their body weight supported. As a result, users will have a way to walk and run faster. The treadmill provides ease of movement and rhythmic motions to help a person improve and enhance their ability to move on a regular basis. Like the anti-gravity treadmills, this will benefit people who are training for athletic events, as well as recovering from trauma or surgery.


Perhaps the most interesting of these new tools is the Nintendo Wii. This video game console offers a number of games that people can play that require physical movement. This can be arguably the most fun rehab technology product on the market, due to the variety of games that you can play. These games focus on everything from aerobics to agility. This is arguably the most innovative and practical 3D rehab technology device on the market.


The FES bike is an exercise bike that operates much better than most. It can provide a 3D screen that will help monitor progress as well as give users a very clear template of their workouts. This bike helps stimulate up to six muscle groups of the legs and therefore allows people to develop endurance and stamina for the lower body. People who are recovering from knee surgery or calf injuries, and also those who run and cycle will benefit most from this form of technology Thanks to the development of 3D rehab technology, many people will have practical and efficient options to take advantage of when looking to enhance their strength and stamina. It's also ideal for those looking to recover from a number of injuries due to its state of the art design, efficiency and also versatility. Anyone looking to take advantage of technology that will help them recover from injuries as well as enhance their physical performance will benefit by jumping on this train ASAP! Victoria Delgado writes about health and technology. Her recent work is a series on Medical Assistant Career Information.
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