Getting the Most Out of Your Continuing Education Investment

Ok, so you've chosen and purchased your online continuing education courses. Now you've got to get them done. The right mindset is important to consider this: continuing education is an investment in yourself and in your career. Keeping yourself up to date on the latest technique, technology or regulation will benefit you and your patients. Approach your continuing education course requirements with these things firmly in mind. Here are a few simple, yet important tips that therapists can follow to maximize their online learning experience:

Set A Schedule

It's important to allow enough time to complete continuing education courses well before the mandated deadline. With several states requiring dozens of hours per renewal cycle, leaving courses to the last possible minute is a recipe for failure. Register for courses well ahead of time and allow enough time to study the materials thoroughly.

Organize Your Environment

A study space at home doesn't have to be huge or elaborate, but it does have to be quiet. Make sure that the space is well lit and comfortable with a good Internet connection and a printer. Leave space for some type of surface (table or chair) if taking a course that encourages practice on a volunteer during the session.

Remove Distractions

Televisions and cell phones should be off or out of the room. Pets and children too!

Find a Test Dummy”

When taking a course that includes demonstrations of hands-on techniques, having a willing subject to practice on can be extremely beneficial in absorbing materials.

Take Notes And Review Your Material

Most courses require an exam to be passed before acknowledgment of completion is provided. Taking frequent notes during the course not only improves the absorption of the material, but it also improves exam results. Text and video courses allow frequent review of the material it's wise to take advantage of that. Taking the time to organize your learning environment, sticking to a schedule and practicing smart learning techniques are great ways to ensure you get the absolute most out of your online course. Your education is an important investment, don't get stuck with a bad ROI with poor study habits.
This article was written by Amy-Lynn Corey

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