New Continuing Education Rules for Alabama PTs and PTAs

New Continuing Education Rules for Alabama PTs and PTAs

There are some new physical therapy continuing education rules for Alabama therapists that have gone into effect. While CEs are still due on September 30th for all Alabama PTs and PTAs, the requirements and reporting rules have changed.

Pre-Approval Of Courses Not Needed

The Alabama Physical Therapy Board no longer requires pre-approval of CE activities. The board has put out a set of guidelines to help PTs and PTAs determine if the continuing education courses they wish to take will apply towards their requirements.

Determining Acceptable Alabama PT Continuing Education Courses

The guidelines defining what are acceptable continuing education courses are pretty straight-forward. CE activities must:
  • Maintain, improve or expand skills or knowledge of the practice of physical therapy.
  • Contain an outline of the course content, dates or timelines for completion and times of instruction or activity engagement expectations.
  • Pertain to common subjects related to the practice of physical therapy and are based upon referenced scientific evidence; practice-based evidence; case studies; clearly identified anecdotal experience; current or proposed regulation of practice; accepted professional guidelines; policy documents; or best practices.
  • Be conducted by experts in the subject matter-individuals with special education, training, and experience.
  • Include stated program goals/objectives.
  • Identify target audience or describes prerequisite levels of experience.
  • Describe requirements for successful progression or completion when using self-directed methods of learning. Self-directed methods of instruction may utilize a post-test but cannot result in a pass/fail grade.
  • Include a certificate or other sufficient proof of completion.

Jurisprudence Course

Neither PTs nor PTAs are required to complete a jurisprudence continuing education course for the 2015 renewal period. Jurisprudence requirements will now occur once every five years, with both PTs and PTAs on the same schedule. The next requirement for jurisprudence continuing education will be for the 2020 renewal period.

Completing CEs Online

The board has not set a limit on the number of continuing education hours Alabama PTs/PTAs may complete online.

Carryover CEs

Continuing education hours earned in excess often (10) hours during a compliance period may be carried forward into the next compliance period.

Using aPTitude for Reporting Continuing Education?

Therapists can still use aPTitude to store CE records but it is no longer required. However, therapists are now required to maintain CE records for five (5) years. Time to get cracking on your Alabama continuing education courses! And for a limited time, save big on CEs with promo code "AL229"!
This article was written by Amy-Lynn Corey

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