New Georgia Physical Therapy CE Reporting Rules

New Georgia Physical Therapy CE Reporting Rules

On February 5, 2015, the Georgia State Board of Physical Therapy updated their continuing competence rules to require that all licensees report compliance by using the free online system aPTitude.

How does this affect HCEUC customers?

Nothing has changed with our courses being accepted for your license renewal. All physical therapy continuing education courses are still approved* and valid under the revised rules, and will count toward your Georgia PT /PTA licensure requirements as outlined in section 490-4-.02 (1)(b) which states that continuing education programs "approved by the physical therapy association of Georgia or any other state chapters will be accepted".

So what HAS changed?

All Georgia Physical Therapists and Physical Therapist Assistants must have a free aPTitude account that needs to be created prior to June 1st, 2015. To register, you will need the following information: your first name, last name, license number, and email address. It's free and easy!

What else do I need to know?

Georgia PTs & PTAs must report all physical therapy continuing education courses completed prior to their December 31st license renewal via aPTitude, starting with any courses completed after January 1st, 2014. Looking for fast CEUs for your Georgia continuing competence requirements? Click the big button below to see the awesome stuff we have just for you! Pick up your CEUs today!

*Please note that the Georgia PT Board may deny credit for approved CE courses based on various factors, including repetition of similar courses.

This article was written by Amy-Lynn Corey

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