10 Top-Rated Autism Apps For Under $10

Connecting with the world around them can be an enormous challenge for autistic children. Difficulties understanding, planning and remembering events throughout the day present serious barriers for them and for their caregivers and teachers. Thankfully, app developers have been working hard and the markets are now flooded with touchscreen programs that help with communication, understanding and daily living. Prices for these apps range from free to several hundreds of dollars. We've gathered a list of ten top-reviewed autism apps that you can buy for under $10.

  1. BrainPOP Featured Movie - Free
  2. Sono Flex Lite - Free
  3. Kids Money - Free
  4. Reading Pal - $ .99
  5. iEarnedThat - $1.99
  6. SpeakColorsHD - $1.99
  7. Letter Tracking - $1.99
  8. Speech with Milo: Sequencing - $2.99
  9. Choiceworks - $9.99
  10. Inspiration Maps - $9.99

While the pricier programs are still heaps cheaper than the software and equipment usually required to effect solutions for children living with autism, these affordable apps are still extremely effective and well within the reach of parents, teachers, and therapists.

This article was written by Amy-Lynn Corey

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