Dietitian & Nutritionist Approvals

Colibri Healthcare, LLC is a Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Accredited Provider with the Commission on Dietetic Registration (CDR). CPE Approved Provider number is 65-1256114.

We Report to CE Broker

We report to CE Broker for all professionals in the state of Florida.

We also report to CE broker for:

  • Arkansas Nurses
  • Alabama OTs/OTAs
  • Arizona OTs/OTAs
  • Georgia Massage Therapists, Nurses & OTs/OTAs
  • Kentucky Nurses
  • Louisiana OTs/OTAs
  • Michigan Nurses
  • Mississippi Nurses
  • New Mexico Nurses
  • North Dakota Nurses
  • South Carolina Massage Therapists, OTs/OTAs & PTs/PTAs
  • South Dakota Nurses
  • Tennessee OTs/OTAs & PTs/PTAs
  • Washing DC Nurses
  • West Virginia Nurses