Beat The Rush: Get Your Live Florida PT CE Requirements Now!

If you are a Florida PT or PTA, we have some awesome new live, interactive continuing education courses coming your way this fall. But wait!! Before you close this window thinking "Pfft. My CEUs aren't due until next year", hear us out. Even though your due date seems way far away, wouldn't you rather take advantage of over 50 hours of live sessions now and save yourself the stress of trying to cram them all into the last weekend of November? Of course, you would!

The schedule of webinars runs most weekends right until the end of December. Imagine...over a dozen approved live, interactive courses that you can take right at home. Sounds pretty sweet, right?

Our webinars include:

  • Audio and video of your instructor
  • Demonstrative video
  • Content review segments
  • Live chat session with instructor
  • A better educational experience

HomeCEU webinars deliver the best education delivered directly to your home or office. Our media-rich online continuing education sessions are streamed to your PC or laptop and give you direct interaction with your course presenter. Watch your session, take the online exam, pass and check your email for your certificate. Then next year you can sit back and giggle at all your co-workers who start panicking after their Halloween sugar rush wears off.

Don't wait! Register for your live continuing education courses today!

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This article was written by Amy-Lynn Corey

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