FSBPT Continuing Competency for Physical Therapists

If you're like many PTs & PTAs you're struggling with understanding the latest information regarding The Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy's (FSBPT) aPTitude program and continuing competency approval program. So to clear things up we've contacted FSBPT, read up on the standards for continuing competence activities, and compiled the following questions and answers!

When will FSBPT begin Accepting Courses for Approval?

The approval program is slated to roll into effect this spring. After the evaluation process has begun they will be able to certify courses that meet the established standards.

Will my state require FSBPT Approval?

While several states have already agreed that they will accept FSBPT approved courses, at this point none have issued that FSBPT approval is mandatory.

Do I have to take courses approved by FSBPT?

No, not at this time. There are currently no states that require course approval via the FSBPT. We recommend you confirm your states' requirements prior to taking any continuing education course.

What are the standards for FSBPT Course Approval?

A complete list of the FSBPT standards may be found here. Regardless of delivery method, courses must demonstrate they are relevant to the field of Physical Therapy, must contain a standard set of objectives, and the activity must incorporate and promote the use of evidence-based practice.

What is aPTitude?

FSBPT released a program called aPTitude which currently provides a listing of continuing education courses from various providers. The listing is provided as a method for Physical Therapists & Assistants to search for applicable courses. Currently courses listed on aPTitude have not been approved by FSBPT.

What does this mean to me?
Currently no action is required on your part. Courses listed on aPTitude as of the date of this posting have not been approved by FSBPT; the course listing is provided as a courtesy to PTs and PTAs searching for physical therapy continuing education courses. If you are searching for approved continuing education courses now, verify your states' rules/requirements, then search our state & profession specific course catalog to find courses which are approved or will satisfy your requirements. For more information contact The Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy: Phone: 703-229-3100 Email: competencestaff@fsbpt.org
This article was written by Amy-Lynn Corey

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