Fleshing Out Your SLP Toolbox With Weekend Webinars

 We have two new webinars coming this weekend for speech-language pathologists looking to expand their skill set beyond the nuts and bolts of their profession. This weekends live, interactive courses should be of particular interest to California SLPs as they satisfy your state's live requirements. Yay!

Burnout Prevention

Our first webinar for the weekend focuses on taking care of your most important client: Yourself. Burnout is becoming increasingly common for today's health professionals, and it can end your career. This course will teach you the differences between stress and burnout – and how to deal with both. You'll learn how to create a personal action plan to help you recover from burnout. Lastly, you'l learn how to prevent burnout from recurring and keep your sense of self, even when faced with professional and personal challenges. Preventing or Healing, Where are you? Burnout Prevention for the Healthcare Professional Saturday, February 16th, 2013 11am-1pm ET

Recognizing, Treating and Preventing Domestic Abuse

Each year, 6 million women are believed to be beaten in their homes by their partners. Which means that every eighteen seconds an act of domestic violence occurs in our country. Abuse of women is our country's single greatest cause of injury, more prevalent than auto accidents, muggings and rape combined. This course is designed to provide a framework for working with individuals who are trapped in a cycle of violence. We will look at indicators of violence, how these relationships develop and perpetuate into a cycle of violence and preventative steps that may be used in treating individuals currently or formerly in an abusive relationship.
When Love Turns Violent: Recognizing, Treating and Preventing Domestic Abuse Sunday, February 17th, 2013, 3pm-6pmET

ASHA approved provider HomeCEUConnection.com's live, interactive webinars are a great way for California SLPs to enhance their skill sets and fulfill demanding continuing education requirements conveniently and affordably. Don't miss out on the chance to wrap up 5 hours of live CEs right from the comfort of your own living room.

This article was written by Amy-Lynn Corey

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