March is National Athletic Training Month, Let's Celebrate!

Every March, we celebrate National Athletic Training Month (NATM). There are so many reasons to celebrate the work that all athletic trainers do. Whether you work with a professional sports team, for a prominent college or for the neighborhood little league team, what you do is critical. Athletic trainers not only treat, rehabilitate and help prevent injuries, they can, and do, save lives.

Working to prevent and treat musculoskeletal injuries, concussions and other sports-related illnesses, athletic trainers offer a continuum of care unparalleled in health care. They are part of a team of health care professionals and practice under the direction and in collaboration with physicians. Athletic Trainers work with individuals who are physically active or involved in sports participation through all stages of life to prevent, treat and rehabilitate injuries and medical conditions.

To help our valued Athletic Trainers keep their skills honed, and to celebrate NATM right, we're reactivating our incredibly popular Athletic Training Flex Packages for one month only. And as an extra special "Thanks!", ATs can save even more off these packages by entering the promo code "BOCAT15".

Let BOC approved provider give you a head start on the race to your continuing education finish line. 3, 2,1....GO!

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This article was written by Amy-Lynn Corey

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