Becoming A Certified Stroke Rehabilitation Specialist

Becoming A Certified Stroke Rehabilitation Specialist

A comprehensive rehabilitation approach is vital to stroke recovery.

According to the CDC, every 40 seconds someone in the United States suffers from a stroke. Every year alone, more than 795,000 people in the U.S. will experience a stroke. A comprehensive rehabilitation approach is vital to stroke recovery.

The National Institute of Neurologist Disorders reports strokes as the number one cause of serious adult disability in the US and the world. Strokes decrease gross motor mobility in more than half of survivors age 65 and older.

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Physical therapy (PT) and occupational therapy (OT) are among some of the >common therapies patients receive after a stroke. Many OT and PT professionals work within the neurological setting and take an interest in specializing in stroke rehabilitation.

While there are several ways to specialize in treating neurological impairments, the Certified Stroke Rehabilitation Specialist Certification (CertCSRS(TM)) is the field’s only stroke certification available for occupational and physical therapy professionals.

What is the CSRS?

The Certified Stroke Rehabilitation Specialist Certification (TM) is offered to physical therapists and occupational therapists. It consists of four days, 8 hour seminars each day. The seminars focus on topics such as foundational sciences behind stroke recovery, the most recent evidence-based literature on stroke recovery and rehabilitation, and treatment approaches. It also provides learners with hands-on opportunities to practice some of the ideas and concepts delivered during the seminars.

Benefits of CSRS

Improved patient care and outcomes. This certification provides therapists with a toolbox of new, evidence-based research on stroke recovery and treatment approaches to help patients who are suffering from pain, decreased independence and loss of mobility.

This allows clinicians to truly make a difference in the lives of stroke survivors and their support systems. For new grads interested in breaking into the neurological rehabilitation world, this course provides a foundation to build a strong skill set.

Professional development. The CSRS certification provides clinicians with credentials that can improve their marketability amongst patients and referral sources. This certification also puts clinicians into a network of therapists dedicated to stroke recovery, creating opportunities to develop professional relationships and potential mentorships across the country.

What’s next?

Those who are interested in certification can find information about the course and sign up through Neurorecovery Unlimited. These courses are offered across various cities in the United States.

The CertCSRS(TM) is a step towards professional development for those interested in specializing in neuro-rehabilitation and stroke recovery. It provides clinicians with a way to better their clinical skills and improve the lives of their patients.

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This article was written by Jami Cooley

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