Texas PT and PTA Continuing Education Conference & Requirements

We know Texas PT and PTAs do not need to attend a live continuing education conference, but that doesn't mean they shouldn't! Texas Physical Therapists, and Physical Therapy Assistants, if you haven't heard of Rehab Rally yet, you should definitely check it out! Rehab Rally Conference & Expo has options that will allow Texas PTs to fulfill their entire continuing education (or competence) requirement, including the mandatory ethics course.

Rehab Rally is designed to allow you to complete all of your continuing education, through a unique bundled live and home study option. You can complete up to 24 hours of live continuing education at Rehab Rally, and the rest through our home study courses.

Rehab Rally - PT, PTA, OT, OTA, ATC, MT, Live Continuing Education

Just as a refresher all Texas PTs need 30 hours of continuing competence, with a mandatory 2-hour ethics and professional responsibility course every two years. You must take the 2-hour ethics course every renewal period.

And, we haven't forgotten about Texas PTAs! Texas PTAs are required to take 20 hours of continuing competence, including the 2-hour ethics and professional responsibility course every two years.

To complete your continuing education at Rehab Rally, simply visit the Rehab Rally registration page, and select, PT or PTA, Texas, and then select Rehab Rally Live with Home Study Bundle - 20 or 30 hours. Proceed to select your live courses. (You must select a minimum of 12 hours) Then once you've picked your live courses, you will be allowed to select your home study courses - don't forget to add in your 2-hour ethics course! Easy as pie!

This article was written by Amy-Lynn Corey

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