Iowa Physical Therapy: Understanding the Home Study Limit & Exploring Exciting Continuing Education Options

Update: Rehab Rally 2011 has ended, but if you are still looking for live CEUs, check out our live, interactive webinars - they will meet the live requirements for Iowa PTs, PTAs, OTs, and OTAs!

Because Iowa's physical therapists and physical therapist assistants have a continuing education home study limit, Iowa's slogan, "Field of Opportunities," is very fitting for this article. Though there may be boundaries in relation to online continuing education, has created a program that gives Iowa PTs and PTAs the opportunity to conveniently complete the entire continuing education requirement. How, you ask? By packaging home study courses with Rehab Rally 2011 Conference & Expo, a fun event taking place in Orlando, Florida. But before we go further into detail about that exciting option, let's dig deep into the significance of home study limitations.

According to the Iowa Board of Physical & Occupational Therapy, Physical therapists must attain 40 hours of continuing education and physical therapist assistants must attain 20 hours of continuing education, on a biennial basis, on the 15th day of his or her birth month. So basically, in alternate years when its time to blow out the candles. Simple enough. Now for those stubborn restrictions…

A half of your continuing education requirement may be met by taking home study courses. So as an Iowa physical therapist, up to 20 contact hours may be earned through home study methods. Respectively, Iowa physical therapist assistants may earn up to 10 contact hours through home study methods. This means a large fraction of your continuing education can be completed by taking courses! As for the remainder of your requirement? Say hello to Rehab Rally.

Rehab Rally, in a nutshell, is a good-time in sun-drenched Florida, for rehabilitation professionals seeking continuing education. Its a conference like never before, and it was designed with you in mind. Home study limits shouldn't stop you from completing your continuing education in an easy and affordable manner. Rehab Rally allows you to meet your entire 40-hour (PT) and 20-hour (PTA) requirement by bundling HomeCEU courses with Rehab Rally courses. "Field of Opportunities,"" baby.

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This article was written by Amy-Lynn Corey

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