Chicago, are you ready for Rehab Rally?!

We recently launched into the live event world with Rehab Rally, our first ever, live, onsite, continuing education event, which took place in Orlando, Florida. We were pretty excited by the energy during the event and by the awesome feedback we received following the event, and we'd like to brag.. just a little because we are both humbled and excited by all the great comments we received!

A Few Stats:
  • Four out of Five recent Rehab Rally attendees would recommend Rehab Rally to their friends for live continuing education
  • 96% of Rehab Rally attendees say, they'll be back next year! (We can't wait to see you all again!)
  • The number 1 reason folks chose to attend Rehab Rally, Florida was because they had the flexibility to build the right package to suit their continuing education needs
  • 89.7% of Rehab Ralliers agreed that Rehab Rally Florida, entirely met or exceeded their expectations
  • 65% of attendees believe Rehab Rally Orland was the "Best Event EVER"!

Those are some pretty awesome compliments, and we appreciate them! We are gearing up for Rehab Rally Chicago scheduled for the summer of 2012, and want you to join us there as we bring the excitement to Illinois!

This article was written by Amy-Lynn Corey

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